Eat Real NYC

Eat Real NYC
Enjoy an Exceptional Lunch - support Hip2B Healthy Ambassadors

Eat Real NYC

This fun field to fork festival for a day is free. Hungry? Buy tickets now to taste sumptuous seasonal dishes from top chefs, right in Foley Square. At noon, join the Big Apple Crunch! Enjoy a downtown delicious dishes, Farmers Market for a Day, fresh beverages by students, all to celebrate Food Day and United Nations Day! Hear from U.N. and the World Food Programme mpower our neediest students to access all they need to get healthy!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Jimmy Bradley and the Harrison leads Eat Real NYC!

Eat Real NYC is launching its debut year as the premiere Food Day 2012 event! But it all started with chef-extraordinaire, Jimmy Bradley. We welcome the Harrison as our lead restaurant as chefs, farmers, artisans, students and our city's healthy movers and shakers take on Foley Square... right where they film "Law and Order." Let's have some law and lavish, fresh lunches! All to support our future - empowering our neediest students to access all they need to create healthy choices for themselves and their schools! Smoothies, anyone?

Entry is free! Tickets start at $10! Email us at
Farmers, artisans - great chance for a big crowd! Register here!

Check out our phenomenal pal, Jimmy with the incomparable Frank Bruni, in the New York Times!

Thanks, Jimmy! Chefs, want to join us! Here's the link!

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